Advanced coilgun PD90 (LIMITED STOCK)


Personal defense edition
Weight: 7.5 lb
Size: 18.8(L) x 7(W) x 2.1(H) inches
Magazine capacity: 50
Mode: shotgun, full-auto, semi-auto
Max Speed: 3000 rounds / min, adjustable
Projectile energy: ≤16 joules, adjustable
Muzzle velocity: around 135fps @0.63oz
Exit angle: 1 – 2 degree
Effective range: 40 feet
Best use range: 20 – 30 feet
Endurance: 600 – 700 rounds per charge
Housing: high strength composites
Manufacturing process: injection molding

This product is not a firearm and is not regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Purchaser is responsible for understanding their own local laws and regulations.
Available for export outside the United States. Any payment received for this product is non refundable.*

Comes with 100 rounds of projectiles, 1 magazine and 1 charger. Red dot is not included.

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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

John A. 07/30/2022

Everything came as advertised

William S. 2020/06/22

Very pleased with glock 17 fast shipping from rural king

Nick S 08/03/2022

Looking forward to order another gun for my collection Thanks for the hellpup

Dustin M. 07/01/2022

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I bought this gun. But I now know what I have. It is surprisingly light for its size and design and has surprisingly low recoil. Shoots and cycles fine as well. I have not taken it apart to see how complicated the breakdown process is but if it’s like the rest of my experience so far with this gun it shouldn’Read more about review stating Awesome gun to be too hard

Sydney 08/02/2022

Thank God I shot one and am so pleased with my current pistol. If you are looking for a really fine handling concealed carry pistol I’d take a look at the 9 Plus . I’m keeping mine

Benjamin H. 2020/10/10

All around great pistol. Buying process was simple and the delivery was fast. Def recommend

Lonny W. 2020/02/14

The light weight of this pistol was one of the major reasons for my purchasing it. I did have to move the rear sight slightly in order to zero it, but that is not uncommon. Using the mini-mag ammo, this thing is a tack driver. The feel in your hand and the comfortable sight pattern is great. Glad I purchased

Glen R 08/07/2022

Just bought a glock 19 for $395 today, Very happy with my experience.

Kurt H 02/15/2020

I was disappointed with how dirty the gun was. There was shavings or something in the choke threads and in the breach. It took me an hour to clean a new gun.

Jack C. 10/21/2021

This is a amazing gun for the price. I have only shot about 75 rounds through this gun. Shoots well and feels good holdingit .Very accurate.