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Can I buy a gun online?

online gun store

-Yes, you can purchase a gun online just like any other product. The difference with every other platform is that we can ship a firearm directly to you. A firearm must Not be shipped to a licensed firearms dealer if it’s through Us. We provide Free & Discrete Delivery and provide Documents and Licenses for the Firearm.

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-Can you ship a firearm to my house?

Yes, we can ship a firearm to your house, if you buy our FFL. This cost an extra ($500.00) through BTC. For customers not willing to pay the extra Note We will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING AFTER YOU GET YOUR FIREARM DELIVERED WITHOUT FFL. Most search: Shotguns for sale near me, buy ammo online, buy 50 cal air rifle. glock 19 for sale, glock for sale, glock 19 gen 5 for sale.

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Unlike most online gun dealers, we stock almost every firearm we sell in our own warehouse. That means, when the gun is being shipped by us, the second you place an order, your gun is automatically in reserve, and our team begins preparing it for shipment.

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What is an FFL?

Firstly, An “FFL” is a Federal Firearms License. These licenses are commonly held by gun stores, pawn shops, and sporting goods stores. However, there are also many individuals that hold an FFL and we provide that to any customer for ($500.00) , You don’t Need it to have your Firearm delivered but it’s SAFE to have it done by us or any locally.

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Do I have to contact the FFL dealer?

No, you must not contact the FFL dealer you’ve chosen Us to make them aware of the transfer and to make any necessary arrangements for discretely shipping your firearm. Again we offer FFL for $500 if you wish to have one but you can still get your firearm without the FFL but we recommend to get one. gun safes for sale

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Do I have to fill out a background check?

No, this is a Discrete service and we provide every necessary Document or License with your information Incase you don’t have one. Any necessary paperwork and background check is complete between you, the actual buyer/transferee, and us the dealers. This is usually done at the time you Checkout your firearm. We also have all 9mm ammo for sale.

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-Can I return a firearm?

Again, We can arrange to have it returned to us, and upon delivery and careful inspection of the firearm, we will provide you with your choice of either a replacement, if available, or a refund of the firearm. Buy gun parts

Return and/or restocking fees up to $50 per firearm may deduct from your refund depending on the reason for return.

-Buy Guns online no background check

ALL Customers Eligible to Purchase 

  • If You feel threatened or need a weapon to defend yourself, File our FFL and we’ll provide every document, Licence and passed background checks as from $500.00
  • EMT’s, Firefighters, Volunteer Firefighters, and Paramedics
  • Military personnel including Reservists and National Guard with I.D. (Includes retired Military with “retired” credentials)
  • Corrections Officers including Parole and Probation Officers
  • State Licensed Security Companies (Loomis Fargo, RAM, Securitas, etc.)
  • State Licensed Armed Security Officers.
  • Furthermore, All TSA employees and Federal Flight Deck Officers
  • Court Judges, District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys.

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-We make buying guns online easier.

Moreover, Buy a gun online without worrying about credit card fees, shipping charges, long delivery times, and whether or not we actually have guns for sale in stock. Seems like a no-brainer, but we have yet to meet another online gun retailer who can say the same thing. Gun safes for sale & Buy gun parts

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At a Glance

We’ve been asked by a lot of people about how we grew so quickly. When we started RKGuns and my associates from sportsman’s . Ryan Vance wanted to continue doing what his family had already perfected after 84 years with Vance Outdoors. So the answer’s actually pretty simple: we dedicate ourselves to giving our customers what they want, where they want , when they want along with the customer service they deserve.

Conclusively, With roots that trace back to 1938, Owners of RKGuns. and Associates from Sportsman’s Outdoor Superstore is one of the longest-lasting gun dealers active in the United States.

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